School: Shelford Girls' Grammar



3 Hood Crescent Caulfield VIC AUSTRALIA 3161

Tel: +61 3 95247333

Fax: +61 3 95247444

Reception: Tel: +61 3 95247333

Admissions: Marie De Sousa Tel: +61 3 95247413



Shelford is a small school with a wonderful sense of community and an excellent academic tradition. A significant advantage of a Shelford education is the opportunity for every girl to participate in every aspect of school life.

Girls perform better in girls' schools

Girls learn by listening, sharing and reflecting. Their self- esteem is positively influenced when they work with strong female role models.

Shelford has small class sizes and offers a wide range of VCE and VET subjects. The co-curricular program is very strong and includes music, sport, debating, drama and overseas study tours. It is deliberately designed to allow every student to participate and to discover personal interests and talents.

Shelford is committed to ensuring that its curriculum remains relevant to the world in which our students live today, and which prepares them as global citizens for a future that will be significantly different from the present.

Shelford students succeed because they want to do well and they believe that they can achieve at the highest level. Their teachers share this belief. Every student is encouraged to be passionate about her learning and to embrace the challenges of a changing world.

Your daughter's future will be shaped by the school you select for her. The wisest choice will be made when the school's values are known and shared by you.

Students are encouraged to respect others and the environment, to act with integrity, to develop a social conscience and a sense of connectedness to the School and the wider global community.

Shelford at a glance:

* Outstanding academic tradition

* Excellent VCE results

* Very high university success rate

* Exceptional Performing Arts and Visual Art Programs

* Extensive Sporting opportunities

* Impressive range of subjects at VCE level

* Unique Year 9 Challenge Program

* Strong Literacy and Numeracy focus in Junior School

* Commitment to community service

* An inclusive school welcoming students from all backgrounds

* Reggio Emilia inspired co-educational ELC

Please contact Marie De Sousa on 9524 7413 for further information or to organize a school tour.

A small school with a wonderful sense of community

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" Shelford...She will shine"