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"I have used Resettlement services Australia for locating convenient accommodation and a school for my son during the Christmas period and even though the time of the year was not the best, they managed to find me a perfect place to live, which was in line with my expectations. Their services were highly professional and courteous. The staff at Resettlement Services Australia have always been there to assist me when

* dealing with the landlord or agent

* school search and administration

* supply of rental furniture and other services for accommodation

* advice on transportation options

* any other services or advice as required when settling in a new country

I would definitely recommend the services of Resettlement services Australia for any one moving to the Sydney area."

Mr. Pennors

Senior Maritime Professional 


"Working with the team at Resettlement Services Australia was an absolute pleasure - they were responsive, friendly and offered great advice. I was impressed by their availability, and just how stress free the whole process was. Moving house is difficult enough without thinking about moving country, but the team really helped take some of the burden off our shoulder. The consultant that took us to view properties, was also lovely, very helpful and honest with their thoughts. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Resettlement Services Australia again - they were great"

Laura. B

Corporate E-Learning


"I wanted to write to you and share that your consultant has been utterly fantastic to work with. She was a perfect fit for us. Thank you very much, she was just incredible. I don't know how we would have managed without her to find a place that ticked so many boxes for us. She has a really rare talent for listening. She did a great job hearing who we are and what we were looking for and she totally nailed it. We're living in our new apartment and I can't imagine that, for the money, we could have done any better. Your consultant was so pleasant to work with, very flexible and accommodating, and really sensitive to the challenges of the process (like having water and snacks in the car--that was an incredibly thoughtful touch and was especially welcome because we had a 12-year-old in tow). There were several places where she noticed peculiarities that I would never have seen; some were important for us, some not, but it was always helpful to have it pointed out. Without her sharp eyes we would certainly have overlooked some detail that in the end would have been important to us.

Thanks again and I will be recommending Resettlement Services Australia to others."

Dr. Paula M.

Monash University